Cactus Shutter Cable Olympus DSLR

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Cactus Shutter Cable Olympus DSLR

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This cable will transform your Cactus V5 Wireless Flash Transceiver into a wireless shutter release device! A shutter release cable is an ideal device to prevent camera shake when you press the shutter release button. It is a must for night photography or taking photos in B-mode.

Simply connect the coiled shutter cable from your camera’s remote control terminal to the V5 transceiver X-Sync Port, and you can wirelessly control the shutter of your camera. This operation will not interfere with your wireless flash setup using another set of V5 transceivers set on different channels. So you may run both shutter release and wireless flash systems in parallel. All of this is made possible by the V5 Shutter Cable.

Grab one today to enjoy the ultimate flexibility and freedom in wireless flash photography!


•Shutter Release Cable for Olympus cameras;
•Compatible models: Olympus EVOLT E-300 (via HLD-3 Power Battery Holder), E-20N, E-20, E-10, E-5, E-3, E-1, C8080WZ (via B-HLD30 Power Battery Holder), C7070WZ (via B-HLD20 Power Battery Holder) and C5060WZ (via B-HLD20 Power Battery Holder);
•One plug connects to the V5 X-Sync Port while the other end connects to the remote control terminal on the camera battery holder;
•Length of cable: 26cm, fully extended to about 60cm;
•Weight: 14g;
•Brand new, never used.

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